On this podcast interview, Frank Elaridi and Faraz Khan discuss how to remove energetic blocks, if energy medicine is the future of anti-aging, biohacks, conferences, community and much more…

Frank Elaridi is a 4-time Emmy-Award-Winning Journalist working mostly for ABC Network News. He has covered everything from Syrian refugee camps to the Academy Awards. He can also be seen on Good Morning America and ABC’s digital platforms, most notably giving viewers a backstage look into Dancing With The Stars.

Frank is immersed in the world of biohacking, sharing the best of what he’s learned with his followers and clients. He is also a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, helping clients release negative trapped emotions from the body, which allows for healthier relationships, removal of blocks in health and career, and creates space for new opportunities. Frank is also a Mental Health Consultant certified through Kindred.

Frank Elaridi’s Background

  • Journalist with 4 Emmy’s
  • 40 million Youtube views
  • Been with ABC news for many years
  • Covered the mass shooting in Vegas

Frank’s Spiritual Practices

  • Always been spiritual since he was a child
  • Discovered kundalini yoga in college
  • Has done plant medicine and meditation
  • Meditation has been one of the keys to his journey
  • Reconnecting to inner child has been important
  • Gut and brain connections are important as well

How To Heal With Emotion Code

  • Worked with famous people initially, but now works with individual clients as well
  • Uses muscle testing and intuition to find which emotion is trapped
  • Uses magnets to clear stuck emotions from your body
  • Emotion code healing for business. Frank shared an example of how he works with clients towards the end of the interview.

What Is Modern Nirvana?

  • YouTube channel – started doing videos
  • Did third eye videos and people could see with their eyes blind folded
  • Third eye is the pineal gland, when it turns out, it expands your awareness
  • Once it’s activated, some people can see without using their eyes
  • Modern Nirvana is a conference to bring together healing modalities and help people heal
  • Started off as a one-off event, and now it’s a yearly event and a book deal

Can Energy Work Reverse Aging Of The Body?

  • Deepak Chopra – reminding consciousness that it does not have to participate in the aging process
  • This is very new paradigm – we don’t have any data to back this up
  • We’ll be exploring these modalities more in the future as the science develops

Frank’s Biohacks For Health & Anti-Aging

  • Has gone minimal on skincare recently
  • Has started using Herbal Face Food products
  • Uses tretinoin on the weekends
  • Uses Vital Red Light for improving skin texture and quality
  • Has done stem cells in Costa Rica for overall vitality and for a shoulder injury
  • Did young stem cells in Costa Rica again

Where Can You Find Frank?

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