My guest on this show is Garrett Salpeter, who is the founder of Neufit.

He explains how his technology can help you rewire your brain & nervous system’s response to imjury, surgery, improve athletic performance and live a longer and healthier life.

My guest is Garrett Salpeter combined training in neuroscience and engineering to start NeuFit, a company at the nexus of neurology and fitness, dedicated to treating athletes and patients in the realization of fitness goals, effective rehabilitation, and improved overall health. 

He is the host of The NeuFit Undercurrent, a podcast for patients and practitioners interested in learning more about neurology’s role in recovery and performance.

Garrett and his team have worked with thousands of patients recovering from neurological impairments, chronic pain, and sports injuries, including professional athletes, sports teams, and universities.

He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and their two daughters.

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2:02 Garrett’s BackGround & How He Created Neufit

  • Has an academic background in engineering and neuroscience
  • Played ice hockey, ended up tearing a ligament
  • A functional neurologist helped him heal faster with direct current
  • His ligaments healed in just a few weeks, so he decided to learn more about direct current technology

5:01 Difference Between “Hardware” Vs “Software” In The Body

  • “Hardware” is your bones, muscles, connective tissues
  • “Software” is brain and nervous system, which sends electrical signals to cause our bodies to move
  • The software controls organs of digestion, elimination, reproduction and influences energy and thoughts
  • Tuning the software can have a huge impact on sports injuries, surgery, neurological stroke, spinal cord injury or even general fitness

7:34 Is The Neufit Technology Healing The Hardware Faster Or Are Just The Software Tweaks Enough?

  • We need to work on both hardware and function
  • The real problem usually is our body’s functional response to injury – which causes tightness, weakness or pain and delays healing
  • Once the functional response is brought back into balance, then structures such as muscles, ligaments, tendons can heal faster

13:00 What Is The Neubie Device & How Does It Work?

  • Neubie uses direct current – which has a more profound effect over alternating current
  • Direct current stimulates muscles in one direction only – which is how the nervous system transmits information
  • This allows adaptations to happen faster
  • It helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Can also orient and align and improve function of cells that control healing of muscle, bone and tissue

17:40 What’s A New Protocol For Healing With Software & Hardware Combined?

  • First, get a diagnosis from a medical professional
  • Many times, the body’s protective signals such as tightness, weakness, or pain (from the brain) delay healing
  • Improving the protective signals from the brain can have quick impact in some cases
  • Getting rid of the influences that slow down the healing process, allow people to heal faster

21:20 How To Diagnose An Injury To See If It’s A Good Fit For Neufit?

  • In some cases, you may need surgery
  • But many times, a more conservative approach can help quickly
  • This can include a few sessions with Neubie device, plus regenerative technology like PRP or stem cells

31:20 How Does Neubie Device Help People Recover From Surgery

  • Same response from the brain after surgery – tightness, weakness, or pain can delay healing
  • After surgery, the brain registers the trauma as very big and amplifies the above responses
  • This causes atrophy of muscles in that area quickly
  • Engaging muscles with the neubie to improve the body’s healing response and blood flow to that area can cause faster healing

39:00 How Can Neubie Help People Live Longer & Healthier?

  • The more muscle mass people have, the less they die of all cause mortality
  • Not having physical ability can also give you a signal that you’re not productive in this world
  • Maintaining muscle mass as you get older is important
  • Neubie can help people get muscular and mechanical training with very less load

44:40 How To Get Started With The Neubie Device

  • Mostly used by chiropractors, physical therapists to treat people with pain, recover from injury
  • In some instances, the company will sell devices to individual owners
  • Check out the website to find practitioners using Neubie in their practice

47:00 Where To Get Garrett’s Book & Learn More About Neufit

On the topic of healing, learn how peptides can also help you heal faster from injury.

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