On part 2 of this episode, Faraz Khan asks John Jaquish about hormones and nutrition to gain muscle and get lean at the same time.

Here are the top 3 items of discussion:

1. How to turn on the most important hormones for building muscle and turn off the hormone that adds fat

2. Is it really possible to gain muscle and cut fat at the same time?

3. The nutrition tricks you need to get right to transform into a sexier body.

We continue where we left off from part 1 of this episode. Go here to check that out.

0:34: Question from a female listener: Women would like to lose weight, not to build muscle. How would this help them?

Most of the women are not eating enough protein to build muscle. They also do not have the hormone receptors to grow muscle as men. Women should not be afraid of strength training. It makes them look better.

03:36: A lot of women do cardio for hours every week. What’s wrong with that approach?

Dr. Jaquish: “A lot…” While doing long cardio training, the hormone cortisol gets released. Your body gets rid of muscles to create energy and protects your body fat storage. That is because it wants to save fuel, so you can live longer. *Too much cardio makes you look older

04:58: What is the best length to do cardio without any bad cortisol effects?

Dr. Jaquish: “Twenty minutes. Don’t go longer than twenty minutes.” High-intensity interval training doesn’t work as a normal cardio training. It is a self-stabilization aspect. People who do high-intensity intervals with sprints or any other different cardio workouts are doing the right thing. X3 tries to replicate that interval.

07:08: Let’s talk about hormones – What hormones do get released as you train with the X3 device?

Testosterone gets up regulated when you put up heavy loads on the body. The receptor site gets activated too. That provides the anabolic effect of the testosterone, so you can grow the muscle.

Compound exercises have the biggest impact on growth hormone. The growth hormone protects your muscle and helps you to use more fat as a source of energy. Cortisol isn’t bad. It is a stress response hormone. A short dosage of cortisol isn’t harmful.

For example, it releases when you wake up. *Don’t use blood flow restriction tools!*

21:08: What do people eat during this 12-week program?

Dr. Jaquish tries to keep it as realistic as possible. He approaches health a little bit differently than other people. What we know for sure is that high amount of strength and a low amount of body fat is the most important factor for a healthy life. We get to that stage by taking high levels of animal protein.

While you are fasting with one meal per day, you should eat 2-3 pounds of meat for that day. Dr. Jaquish also does 3-day fasts and supports fasting diets.

Some mainstream televisions say that eating more protein increases the chances of getting cancer. That is false information. We have to keep mental health in the head because it is a trigger for cancer. In countries where animal protein is more common in every meal, people do live much more longer.

34:08: What about other micronutrients? (carbs, fiber, fat)

Fats come with every meat meal. It is one of the most important nutrients. Fiber doesn’t help you that much. Also, carbs don’t hit the definition of nutrients anymore. They serve no purpose other than making you fat. In Dr. Jaquish’s point of view, the positive side of carbs is that it replaces glycogen storage. He asked himself: “What happens if we combine little carbs with vasodilation? ” Stretching muscles create an opportunity for more growth. That is a way to use carbohydrates.

34:08 Do you train with an X3 device in a fasted state, or you just eat something before training? “In a fasted state.”

44:12: How long should you wait before eat? It really doesn’t matter that much. You grow as you sleep. It matters to get your fill of nutrients intake for that day.

46:03: BCAAs? Your position?

“Garbage.” You should take them from the food, and there aren’t any needs to supplement with them. Many amino acid products aren’t doing anything. The reason for that is because they are not created in the right way.

48:39: What’s your opinion on pre-workouts?

It depends on what’s inside of them. Most of them are just some useless chemicals. He recommends supplements with lower-level caffeine with a little bit beta-alanine. It gives you more energy than supplements with more caffeine. It also does not give you side effects as a high amount of caffeine.

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