On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, we discuss Longevity Coaching.

We discuss the following points:

1. How to grow Bolder not Older

2. How to find new purpose in your life in mid-life, and your 60’s and 70’s

3. How to cultivate a longevity mindset and a longevity body

My guest, Otto Siegel, holds a Masters Degree in Education, Biology and Chemistry from the University of Munich and a Masters Degree in Coaching (MCC) from the International Coach Federation.Growing up as a ‘Highly Intelligent Misfit’, he had to overcome his own learning and behavioral challenges. Now he provides science-based coaching programs for progressive families and adult professionals to decode and activate hidden brilliance as a foundation for a joyful and meaningful life.Here are the show notes:How Otto got Involved 1:40– Met Bernadine and Jim Strole in 1990 and heard about physical immortality- Changed his mindset and his life- Came to USA to be part of the two week long conference- Saw experts at the conference, and decided to move to USA to be part of the super longevity community- Had a painful divorceHow he created Genius Coaching 6:40– Found his passion to help coach people- Developed a specialty called Genius coaching- Premise is that people are genius in their biology, and applied to real life with smart kids who learn better by themselves, helps intelligent misfits, mid-life crisis, and retirement age- Helps people dig deeper into their knowledge, action and what they would like to doHow to find Purpose and New Goals in Life at a Later Age 12:20– In older age, people should not sell their age but should sell their expertise- They have leadership experience, life experience, and have wisdom- Could use their collective wisdom- Learning to collaborate across generations could be a great uniter- Otto coaches people to go from a normal lifestyle to a longevity lifestyle- Helps people grow bolder not older- Otto helps replacing old habits with better ones, like upgrading an old software system

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