Will Rosellini is an experienced entrepreneur and executive in the biotech and medtech fields who has founded and led multiple companies bringing innovative technologies to market, with a background spanning law, business, and the sciences.

He is currently the President of CytoImmune Therapeutics.

Here are the topics of discussion:

02:20 Will Rosellini Background

  • Got 6 graduate degrees
  • Got involved with life sciences companies for 20 years
  • One company developed a technique to help rehabilitate after stroke
  • Now working with CAR-NK immune therapies
  • These involve gene editing cells and inject them back in the body to help with immunity

05:48 How are Immune Cells Being Used to Fight Cancers?

  • For the past 10 years, immune T-cells were being programmed to attack specific kinds of cancers
  • These cells were taken out of the patient and then gene edited
  • The problem is that the CAR-T cells cause toxicity in the body
  • Another way to do this is to create IPSC stem cells that can create similar cells that fight cancers etc.
  • Cell therapies are being used for ALS and Parkinsons, endothelial cells, heart cells, beta cells, nerve regrowth

10:50 How expensive is gene editing therapy?

  • Anywhere from 400K to millions of dollars

11:45 How are stem cells being created?

  • This creates a single cell that turns into CAR-T or CAR-NK in it
  • Cancers are smart at hiding

15:05 Difference between CAR-T and CAR-NK immune cells for fighting cancer?

  • CAR-T just need to be given once
  • CAT-NK needs to be given multiple times
  • CAR-T has more toxicity, while CAR-NK has none
  • For this reason CAR-NK therapy is more effective

18:17 How do these cells attack cancer cells?

  • They take a natural killer cell and get it to express a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)
  • This CAR recognizes a cancer

20:00 What’s the near timeline for cancer treatments?

  • 100 different types of cancers may have approved therapies
  • One surgery, one chemotherapy and one immunotherapy
  • Also neurological disorders like ALS, blindness may be cured in the next few years

25:15 CytoImmune has an engineering platform for encoding natural killer cells

  • They want to partner with companies to encode natural killer cells with other companies
  • They are working on non small cell lung cancer

28:10 Where can people find out more about Will and cytoimmune?

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