On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks podcast, Chris Burres and Faraz Khan talk about C60, which is a super strong carbon compound.

We will discuss these topics:

1. What is this strong compound called C60 and what are it’s health benefits?

2. How is it an anti-oxidant and has helped rats live 90% LONGER?

3. What is the best way for people to start taking it?

Chris Burres has been an entrepreneur since 1991 with the founding of SES Research, the first company to deliver carbon nanomaterials.

When Chris realized that one of the chemicals he sold which was based on Nobel Prize-winning chemistry and researched by NASA, had been proven to significantly increase the lifespan of mammals, he struggled with his own skepticism and with the moral implications of marketing the material, ESS60, as a supplement.

After some soul searching and some amazing testimonials, he decided to take the plunge and started by taking the product himself. Upon experiencing the results firsthand, he founded MyVitalC in order to make it a household item.

Here are the show notes:

01:37: Chris, what’s so special about Carbon 60 or C60?

– Carbon 60 has sixty carbon atoms. The model of carbon 60 looks like a soccer ball. It is a closed cage molecule.

– The Discovery of this molecule won the Nobel prize in 1996.

04:32: How does this apply to humans? Why do people should care about C60?

– The interior of C60 is big enough for any atom from a periodic chart to fit inside of it. This atom created a new symbol in chemistry “@”

– Early one, this molecule was theorized to deliver a radioactive cell directly to a cancer cell.

– The scientists did a study where they gave water, olive oil, and olive oil with C60 to the rats. Results showed that rats who took olive oil with C60 lived 90% longer. Those rats who took C60 died without any tumor.

10:44: Why Carbon 60 still isn’t a mainstream molecule?

– People are still not 100% sure how legit C60 is.

– Scott thinks that publishing one more rat study will definitely blow up of Carbon 60 molecule.

13:50 As far as we know, how really is C60 helping us?

– A lot of medical community believes that aging is related to oxidation. 

– C60 fits perfectly well inside of anti-inflammatory diet.

– That diet reduces strokes, heart attacks, etc.

– C60 is nano molecular. Because of that, it can cross the cell membrane and access mitochondria.

– From the testimonials, people reported that taking C60 in the morning boosts energy during the day. They also noticed much better sleep.

– If you improve your sleep, you’re going to have a healthier body.

26:01: The ESS60 versus Carbon 60. What is the difference?

– Chris makes and sells both of them.

– Chris had to get into the supplement industry was the fact that industry is suspect. There is one article that says 50% of supplements on the market don’t have what they say they have in them.

– Chris bought all C60 products on the market. Only one had met their specs.

– C60 is for industrial applications. ESS60 is C60 which is processed for safer humans use.

30:21: Are you using olive oil to mix C60?

– Olive oil is the oil that has the highest concentration. It holds the highest concentration in ESS60 (0.8mg/per ml), next is avocado (0.6 mg/per ml) and then MCT (0.35mg/per ml).

– MCT turns into a purple color when it has ESS60 in it.

31:43: Is it recommended for humans to take ESS60 every day?

– In reality, additional research must be done on dosing.

– Chris did some calculations and concluded that one teaspoon is enough daily dose for humans. If he forgets to take a teaspoon in the morning, he can feel the difference during the day.

34:48: Now Chris, how do people can find you online? Where do they buy the product if they want to get it?

– Chris made a link for our audiences specifically:


– Get a $15 OFF coupon to get this bottle even cheaper: Enter antiaginghacks

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