Chris Burres is a published author, Host of the Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity Health Summit.

Chris Burres is the founder and chief scientist at MyVitalC, where he manufactures a Nobel Prize winning molecule responsible for the single longest longevity experimental result in history, a full 90% extension of life.

Here are the topics of discussion:

02:25 Chris Burres’ Background?

  • Chris got into Carbon 60, which is a nobel prize winning molecule
  • Carbon 60 helps make better materials
  • Chris wrote a new book – “Live Longer and Better”
  • He’s also hosting a summit called Uncovering the secrets of longevity

6:20 How Did Chris Come Up With The Summit?

  • Chris interviewed 55 experts in longevity
  • Chris also interviewed Dr Steven Gundry, Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield

11:15 How Chris Sees The Terms Biohacking and Longevity?

  • Biohacking started with trying to positively hack your body
  • Most interviewees are open to living longer if they can live happy and healthy
  • Now biohackers and longevity folks are coming together

16:40 What Were The Interviewees Most Excited About Longevity?

  • The human DNA has all the information – it would be exciting to help improve the DNA
  • Stem cells can really help with repair, but the red marrow where these are made shrinks with age

29:30 Why Chris Wrote His Book Living Longer and Better

  • Been wanting to write a book for a long term
  • He found a co-author that helped him bring the book to life

34:30 How Far Do You Think Humans Can Live?

  • Chris believes humans can live to 120 now
  • But people can live to infinity sooner than we think

41:27 How Can People Access The Summit?

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