On this episode, Faraz Khan interviews Dr. John Jaquish on why weightlifting is a waste of time and how to build muscle in just 10 minutes day.

Here are the top 3 topics we discuss:

1. Why weightlifting is a waste of time

2. Why cardio is a waste of time

3. How you get 3X results while working out just 10 minutes per day

John Jaquish, PhD. has spent years researching and developing improved approaches to health. He is the inventor of the most effective bone density building medical technology which is now partnered with Tony Robbins and OsteoStrong for rapid clinic deployment.

Inventor of X3, a technology that is proven to develop muscle much faster than conventional weight lifting, all with the lowest risk of joint injury, Dr. Jaquish methods are used in training the world’s most elite athletes and associations such as the entire Miami Heat organization, various NFL and NBA players, as well as Olympians.

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08:09: Are you able to reverse osteoporosis? What results can you expect with OsteoStrong?

It isn’t right to say that it can reverse osteoporosis. Some people get osteoporosis, then use OsteoStrong for a year, and after that period, they aren’t more diagnosed with osteoporosis.

People really improve their bone health with OsteoStrong.

09:38: Dr. Jaquish, you got a new book called “Weightlifting is waste of time”. Tell us about this book and why did you write it?

While he was researching OsteoStrong, he noticed that humans are capable of incredible power and impact. From gymnastics, he noticed what forces humans are capable of handling.

We really miss stimulating the body completely, when it comes to asking the central nervous system to build more muscle muss. It means that we are really underloading muscle and overloading joints.

Research shows that the top 1% of the leanest people in the United States are under 11% of body fat, which isn’t impressive. Dr. Jaquish asked himself why? Pretty much everybody is fat and tired.

His idea was to target the entire industry, but that would be a total failure. One of six men (under the age of 18) is on anabolic steroids right now. That didn’t work either. He was ashamed of these facts.

What we need is a weight that changes when we move. Once we do that, we will get much more intense stimulants. The more intense stimulant on our muscle is, we will build it more muscle. *We don’t want to use fixed weight when the muscle is the weakest. You cant go higher than that weakest point.

19:00: Let’s talk about your solution. How does your X3 device work?

-It delivers force when you need it. For example, while doing the bench press: On the bottom, you are getting X force, but on the top of the movement, you are getting 5X of force. *This is not a band training.

22:03: How does it do all muscle movements?

-It is created to stimulate every muscle in your body that you actually need to train.

24:15: Your device is called X3 because it provides three times the gains. Can you explain that?

“Muscle size isn’t really a metric.” It is focused on power output – strength. We also see muscle size increase too. A lot of celebrities train with Dr. Jaquishs X3 device.

32:20: Do you recommend your 12-week program for beginners who want to start with the X3 device? “Yep.” It is the most reliable way to start with it. “There aren’t any secrets. There is only science.” The average length of the workout is ten minutes per day five times in the week. When the muscle is bigger, you have to train a little bit more time.

36:45 How much muscle growth people can expect in these 12 weeks? “Ten pounds of muscle.” Some people put on 20 pounds of muscle in less than 6 months. *The science behind the X3 device justifies the price.

39:51: Are you doing something more than X3?

He started grinding muscle mass when he turned 40. Jaquish is really against steroids.

43:09 What is the right way to turn on these receptors?

“If you want to build on muscle, you will not escape heavy. ” You have to show the muscle that it needs to grow. It is a matter to put the body in an environment for muscle growth/ fat loss.

46:23: How does the long take to get your goal physique?

How to maintain that stage using X3? The way is to get on the program and keep going. The longer that you are on the program, the leaner and stronger you will get. You don’t need any alternations. It really hard and matter to understand the principles of fitness programs. Just follow them.

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