On this episode of Ant-Aging Hacks, R Christian Minson and Faraz Khan discuss all about breathwork.

1. Why breath work is very different from normal day to day breathing, and how it’s different from meditation and plant medicine?

2. How breath work can get you to connect to the inner part of you and get the answers from your soul

3. Follow along for a special short session of the breath work experience with Christian

Christian is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Contributing Author, Trainer, Coach and Founder of Breathflow Wellness, a transformational holistic health business.

A former Monk for 10 years, now he helps others achieve greater spiritual and emotional intelligence by integrating trauma, releasing limiting habits, managing emotions, and teaching others to find meaning in their own lives and work.

01:11: You were a monk for a many years. Tell us a little bit of your background as a monk? Why did you do it for so long?

Christian was a monk for ten years. He had a spiritual awakening in late high school / early college days. His goal was to find the meaning of life.

That was a beautiful opportunity for Christians to take a deep dive into the deeper purpose of life – it was a motivation and benefit of the experience which Christian got there as well.

03:09: What does look the day in the life of a monk?

“Routine is a root in.” – So, it is helpful to have a routine to dive deeper and deeper within your consciences and to explore that.

Monks wake up at 5:30 AM, and group Mediaite for one hour.

After that, they go to breakfast for half of the hour. All meals are in silence. They also have a study period. Then they go to their service positions where they do their administrative work. At lunchtime, they break for meditation for half of one hour, and then they lunch in silence for half of one hour too. They are back to work after that. 

4:30 PM is time for a mandatory recreation for an hour and a half. Then some physical exercise like soccer, basketball, volleyball, weightlifting, yoga, etc.

In the evening, monks have a class or 3 hours of meditation. On Sundays, they have 6 hours of meditation.

They meditate one more time before bed, and they go to sleep at 10:30 PM.

06:22: Christian, how are your teachings in breathwork different from regular breathing that people do?

Well, breathing every day and “There is nothing wrong with my breathing don’t go together”. We all breathe every day, and there is a proper way of breathing and improper ways of breathing too.

There are ways of breathing that don’t maximise our ability to take in oxygen, which is our number one energy source.

Christian breathwork focuses on maximising oxygen intake.

Besides, it is also essential to have a relaxed breath too. The goal of Christia’s model is to help us train everyday breath back in the ultimate functionality.

Most people breathe about 20% of their capacity!

If you are feeling tired, or you don’t have enough motivation, you are likely feeding your cells only enough to keep them operating, but not to keep them vital.

10:28: What is a breathwork session look like for people who have never done it?

A breathwork session is a guided exploration into your inner-being.

It is using breathing to increase emotional energy which connects us to the essence of who we are. The consequence of that is a boost in our creativity.

11:34: How is traditional meditation different from breathwork?

The things that people are finding in meditation, breathwork also offers. That is the nice thing about it.

The point of meditation is to calm down the body and mind to access your inner character.

The first difference is in the position. When you meditate, you support your posture. While breathwork, you are usually laying down at the angle of 45 degrees. 

In breathwork, it doesn’t matter where your mind goes. You can make the sound too.

The result of it is a similar state which we achieve in meditation. It is just a different route to get there.

 In breathwork, we are permitting ourselves to go.

16:55: Does everybody get a chance to connect to their true form? How long does it take?

It is possible for everybody. How long does it take is up to the individual.

Breathwork is a fantastic tool for keeping getting progress versus slugging it out.

17:52. What are the benefits of breathwork?

In terms of anti-aging benefits, as we learn to breathe correctly, we allow our cells to use much more oxygen. Because of that, they stay strong and healthier. 

The definition of aging is that our cells lose their health. Our minds and our feelings have a huge role in how fast we age. Breath tries to improve these factors that are causing us to lose our health.

Long breath = Long Life

22:39: Could breath work be a substitute for a therapist?

Christian’s teacher was a psychotherapist. He said that one session of this breath work is equal to two years of psychotherapy.

The reason for that is because there is a place for psychotherapy and energetic therapy.

The point of breath work is to release emotional energy.

26:16: According to a psychotherapist, one session of breath work is equal to two years of psychotherapy. What people who do this therapy at home can expect?

“The thing is, it is not rocket science.”

The lifespan of the emotion is the 90 seconds if you allow the feeling to come up.

27:24: How does session/therapy with breathwork look like? Can you explain what it looks like when you work with people? How long does it take?

Nowadays, sessions are over Zoom. A virtual type of session has many advantages.

The length of the session is mostly two hours long.

The first 30 minutes of the session is to get to know the person. (physical history, emotional history, and spiritual history)

After that, the breathwork process starts. That is an hour-long process of breathing. Christian guides you to level up on different stages of sub-consciences.

He is there to keep you safe and secure.

At the end of the session, there is space just to open and receive the good that you just created. That part is worth the million dollars.

30:32: Is it best for people to be doing this with a guide, or can they learn this by themselves?

If you want that goal to do this by yourself, it is best to do it with a guide.

There are no chances of injuring yourself in breathwork.

If you do it by yourself, you can get a panic attack. Because of that, it is best to do it with a guide.

When you get a little bit more comfortable with breathwork, you can start doing it by yourself.

32:53: Are you recommending people to do breathwork thru the nose, do they use the mouth?

Particular breathwork that is Christian teaching starts with breathing thru the mouth. The purpose of breathing thru the mouth is to get more oxygen, using the lifeforce that is in the oxygen.

33:48: Was breathwork used before Wim Hof?

Yes, breathwork which Christian teaches, starts from the 1970s. Breathwork was widespread in eastern cultures a long time ago.

35:08: How often should normal people practice breathwork?

If you are looking to improve your life, and if you recognise that what is going with your life is a long term project, you should do it as often as possible. Once per week is pretty typical. Christian recommends daily 5 minutes sessions on their own. They come back every week on an hour-long session, which takes a deep dive.

It is an excellent general schedule for the people.

37:08: Does your mouth get dried in an hour session?

“It does get dried.” – It is one of the side effects. 

If the air is arid, clients take a sip of water and get back to the process.

The idea is to stay with your process.

38:10: Do people experience ego death in sessions? What do they expect?

A lot of people don’t know to expect that. When they get that, they got shocked.

There is a lot of awakening that can happen in this simple process. 

It is a medicine of our soul.

40:19: Is there an intention setting that goes along with the breathwork session as well?


Intention setting is an essential part of the process. That is the conclusion of the conversation. 

Usually, people come up and say: “I want to get rid of something (It can be anger, stress, etc.)”

You can use this therapy before you need to create a big decision in your life. Christian has an ebook on this topic.

43:44: Where do people can find a document of the entire outlined technique?

Link to this document: 

44:13: How is breathwork different than plant medicine, ayahuasca?

They both have the same goal – both are keys to unlock the door to your conscience. The problem with plant medicine is the length of high. Once you take it, you are with it. You have to be ready to surrender to that fact. There is also value for that, but it can be uncomfortable.

Breathwork is a much shorter experience. If things get intense, you can get back into reality very quickly.

46:06: 5MO, DMT – Is that the next level in this niche?

“They are different, different experiences.” 

Christian’s recommendation is to build some sub-conscience awareness before you go on that rocket ship. 

Breathwork is a significant first step for getting comfortable with your sub-conscience.

48:12: Speaking about type A entrepreneurs, do they go with this process to get a broader perspective on life?

With type, A personality, what typically comes along with that is a lot of overdoing. What the breathwork teaches you is to relax a little. With breathwork, you end up having much more energy in reserve to do even more. 

50:23: What are your top 2-3 anti-ageing hacks?

The number one is breathwork. It is not anti-ageing; it is a poutine hack. Breath is life. 

52:15: Christian shows how to breathe correctly.

57:57: Where do people can find you online, Christian?

Here is the FREE 5-minute guided breath work practice session from Christian

Here is the FREE Life Altering Decision Making Guide

Christian’s website

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