On this podcast, Dr Patrick Porter explains how to train your brain to become smarter, calmer, happier, healthier and slow down brain aging. You can do much this by using BrainTap for brain training.

I know it seems like a lofty promise, so make sure to check out this episode.

Dr. Patrick Porter is an award-winning author and speaker who has devoted his career to neuroscience and brainwave entrainment. As the founder of BrainTap® Technologies, Dr Porter has emerged as a leader in the digital health and wellness field.

BrainTap’s digital tools and mind development apps using proprietary algorithms that have made tremendous advances in mastering peak performance and bettering mental, physical, and emotional health. BrainTap has been praised for helping people improve mental clarity, sleep quality, energy levels.

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I discussed I have been using BrainTap in one of my recent podcasts – check it out here.

How Dr. Porter Developed the BrainTap Technology?

  • He went to school for electronics and his dad taught meditation programs.
  • In 1986, Dr Porter was introduced to the concept of brain wave synchronization through both light and sound.
  • It’s also when a major breakthrough in electronics occurred with the invention of the memory chip called EPROM, which retains data even when there is no power supply.
  • Porter’s team created a device called the MC2 (M-C-Square), and it was the world’s first personal light-and-sound device for brainwave entrainment.
  • His dad trained him to make matter into technology.
  • His father used audio tones that match the brain wave state called alpha and this was his first experience of technology.

What Should People Use BrainTap ?

  • The brain processes 25,000 pieces of information every second.
  • The brain needs to be challenged just like other muscles in your body for brain fitness.
  • BrainTap helps to challenge and exercise the brain.
  • BrainTap eliminates stress.
  • Energy is brought to the brain for healing and repair.
  • Light in ears, light in eyes, and sound are used in the device.
  • According to Dr. Porter, the best use of your money is BrainTap for brain training

Importance of Guided Visualization and Music

  • Music has what is called Mozart effect.
  • Many studies proved that if someone listens to certain music, he or she can be smarter.
  • An experiment of 45-minute sessions was conducted.
  • The result of the experiment shows an improved neurological function by 39.48% which became the patient’s normal baseline after 30 days of training.
  • It also shows that we can train the brain just like the muscles when we do exercise.

BrainTap Sessions vs Going to A Neurofeedback Facility

  • The biggest difference is the cost.
  • They both work.
  • Neurofeedback proves to people that brain state can be changed.
  • He wants to encourage people to use Braintap for brain training long term
  • It’s similar to how you need to exercise your body throughout your life

Can We Change Brain State on a Regular Basis?

  • When humans are born, they are wired.
  • The whole brain is connected but as human learns something, they start to unwire.
  • Neurogenesis happens even in old people.

What Is Gamma Brainwave?

  • Gamma is the heightened state of creativity and awareness.
  • We are still learning more about this state

The Purpose of Each Brain Training

  • Most people wake up in the morning when their brain is still in Delta state.
  • Alpha training is recommended in the morning because people shouldn’t relax in the morning, they should be ready to go.
  • Alpha training is not recommended after 6:00 o’clock in the evening.
  • In the afternoon at 2:00 o’clock, the body temperature drops to degrees telling the body that it’s time to reboot.
  • Data training is recommended in the afternoon for recovery.
  • Alpha training is recommended before going to do a talk or lecture because it will make people smart.
  • Gamma training can be done whether in the morning or in the afternoon.
  • Delta training is recommended at night.
  • Using BrainTap for brain training can be very effective when done right.

What Is SMR And How It Differs from Alpha Training?

  • SMR is important for cognition.

How Frequent Should Each Training Can Be Done?

  • In people with dementia, do Alpha or SMR training or both three times a day.
  • Do one of those in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • Do the Delta training in the evening.
  • Doing these routines for six months resulted in a 49% neuroplastic change, and the reorganization score of 58%.
  • There are many studies available at the link below that describe the benefits of BrainTap for brain training

Is It Possible to Play Other Audio While Running Delta Training?

  • It is possible.
  • People can choose what can be combined with the training that they are doing.

Dr. Porter’s Other Anti-Aging Tips

  • Lower your stress.
  • Eliminate sugar.
  • Have enough sleep.

How To Get Started With BrainTap For Brain Training?

  • Go to and try out the audio experience for just $0.99
  • You can try it with your regular headphones
  • If you like the experience, you can consider getting the headset.
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