On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, Faraz Khan interviews Dr. Paul Thompson and Dustin Wolff about a revolutionary device to improve male sexual performance.

Here is what you will learn:
1. The causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) and existing ways to treat it
2. How sound waves are quite effective at breaking up plaque and increasing blood flow in the penix
3. How a NEW at-home device can help you treat ED, boost sexual performance and fight peyronie’s from the privacy of your home

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Dustin Wolff is the owner of The Novus Center, one of the largest sexual wellness centers in North America, and has personally trained countless doctors how to treat their male patients with shockwave therapy for enhanced sexual performance.

He has since gone on to co-found Launch Medical, and is the co-inventor of The Phoenix, the world’s first home-use acoustic wave device that works as effectively as the machines used in wave clinics around the world.

Dr. Paul Thompson is a urologist focusing on male health and wellness. He is an expert in anti-aging medicine and operates the Thompson Clinic and provides his unique medicine, guidance and care to others nationwide.

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02:58: Dr. Paul Thomson, tell us a little bit about your background?

Dr. Paul is a certified urologist with 26 years of practice.

His goal was to do something more than just normal medication, so he opened the Thomson clinic. 

He was a guest in multiple popular television shows and magazines.

04:14: Dustin, tell us also a little bit about your background?

When Dustin’s kids grew up, he opened an age management clinic with his wife. It is called Novus anti-aging center in Studio City, California.

It all started 5 years ago in his living room, and nowadays, it is one of the largest age management clinics in the US.

6:39: Dr. Thomson, for the people that are listening, what is a urologist, and what you do?

“That’s a great question, and I am a sergeant – gentlemen sergeant. It is a fantastic job.”

Urologist takes care of erectile dysfunction, cancers of the genitive urine system, kidney stones… 

The kidney stone was his first interdiction into shock wave therapy.

09:15: How much energy do you need for erectile dysfunction?

“It is a different energy, kinda focused energy”

You have to predetermine the focus point. The goal is to focus that energy right down to the stone. 

-There are a lot of types of shockwave therapies. Some use focused energy, some not.

-Using too much energy to break kidney stones can be dangerous.

12:13 In your opinion Dr. Thomson, what are some of the most common factors that cause ED in men nowadays?

Dr. Thomson is writing a book about vegetarian nutrition and one of the biggest factors for ED is a vascular compromise.

It is all about your lifestyle. 

No exercise, too much alcohol, smoking, poor diet, and high-fat/sugar foods are some of the factors that affect our cardiovascular system.

People who have cardiovascular bypass – those people don’t live any longer, but longevity isn’t better. It isn’t better because they don’t change their lifestyle. That is the reason why Dr. Thomson is writing his book.

It is a more lifestyle issue. Dr. Thomson

19:06: What age ranges are you starting to see in your clinics. People in the 50s, or people in the 30s?

Most of the people are 50+, some of them are older, some younger.

Dustin isn’t surprised when he sees 30 years old men. It happens to see 20 years old men too.

Emotional and mental state can affect you too. Living a completely healthy lifestyle, but having emotional problems can lead you to the ED. 

Divorce, lost job are some of the examples. You to fix your emotional state too. 

24:13 Traditional methods for managing/beating erectile disfunction?

Before Doctors had medication, knowing if the patient has an erection during the night could give us an answer if it was a sex medic problem or physical problem.


*Vacuum device for the therapy

*Viagra and cialis

Acoustic wave therapy is extremely effective without any side effects. Guys can have sex on the same day after therapy.

This is not just for people with ED. It is for every guy. If you are older than 25 years, there is not any reason why you shouldn’t do acoustic wave therapy.

This device uses radio sound waves that are going into your arteries. Then it creates new blood vessels that help to have better blood flow and erection.

37:01: Tell us why it is important to use this device at the home?

The average guy cannot afford in office treatments for ED. It is pretty much for rich people because it costs more than $6000. 

There are fewer than 500 clinics in the US that are doing this therapy. Many people have to travel a huge distance to get therapy, so it is easier for them just to purchase a Phoenix device for their home.

– Some people also feel ashamed, and it is easier for them to buy a Phoenix device.

43:12: What is A to Z procedure to get and use the Phoenix device?

They have a really detailed video that people get when they purchase the device. What is really unique about this device is that we tried to make it as simple as possible so every guy can use it safely and effectively.

After that you finished the treatment (15-30 minutes ) it shuts down. They called it a lockdown period. It is there to protect guys from over treating it. 

It really matters to get a time for recovery. Twice per week treatments seem perfect.

45:42: How many treatments twice per week do you do?

“Everybody is a little bit different. We tell them to do 6-12 treatments, and then to use the device as needed”.

47:47: In terms of the penis pump in the treatment – Tell listeners a little bit more about that?

“We do recommend it. Patients who used it with acoustic whey therapy got better results.”

The Phoenix comes with a penis pump included in the box.

Some clients do it for 10 minutes a day, and it seems to work extremely well.

49: 23 Let’s talk about the results – What do you see with the men who follow the protocol in 12-13 treatments?

The success rate is over 80% in both clinics. Many clients say it is a life-changing benefit.

51:13: Faraz’s experience with a Phoenix device.

It was great, definitely felt many years younger sexually.

54:46: Dr. Thomson, what else would you recommend to men to have a great sex life for a long time?

Avoid smoking. 

Try to drink alcohol as little as possible. We are losing all cardiovascular benefits after one to two drinks per day. 

Diet is extremely important. Exercise is important too. Avoid sugars.

Detect Peyronie’s disease on time. Phoenix can heal it too.

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