On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks episode we talk all about the Coronavirus. We discuss:

1. What is the Coronavirus?

2. How do you get it?

3. What can you do immediately after you think you have gotten it, to boost your chances of fighting it off

My guest is Dr. Bill Code – who is an anesthesiologist, integrative medicine specialist, and acclaimed international speaker and author. A medical practitioner for forty years, he has studied integrative medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona, and is a leading expert in pain management.

01:18 How did Dr. Code beat MS (Multiple Sclerosis)?

– He lost most of his strength on the right side – Bill started to look outside of the regular pattern

– Men deal worse with MS than women

– He met Dr. Philip James

– If we get the environment, air, food, and water in better shape, we are going to be in better shape

05:03 There are billions of viruses in the world. Why are so few harmful to us?

– We need to know that virus is a living thing.

– Corona has a more powerful spread mechanism than other viruses. (ACE2 receptors)

– Everybody is uncertain about what to do. 08:54: Are there people with more ACE2 receptors? (People who can infect easier)

– Certain people have more ACE2 receptors. (People with vascular problems) 10:29: In reality, how easy is it to infect with COVID-19?

– People forget how viruses are tiny.

– Outdoors, people are safe.

– Indoors, people aren’t safe, and there is easier to infect.

– Hugging and kissing aren’t safe at all.

13:25: Why is COVID-19 spreading so faster than Sars, Zika, and Ebola? – There are 2 parts of the immune response.c

– The immune system can trick yourself, and then problems start. 16:23: Does this virus stay on surfaces for a few hours?

– The virus needs some type of moisture to stay alive.

– Mask is a very contralateral theme.

– The surgical mask reduces water drops, but it isn’t closed enough to stop viruses to get in.

– The downside of the mask is that you cannot breathe out the virus. (Secondary infection)

20:11: Does mask reduce your oxygen intake?

– “It can do.” – Older people wearing masks are having more problems with oxygen intake than younger ones.

– Outdoors, If you keep a social distance with people, there isn’t a needs to wear a mask.

22:25: Is the Coronavirus created in a bio-laboratory?

– In readings, it says that it is probably created in a bio bio-laboratory and released accidentally.

– It has pieces of HIV and SARS.

– The big factor was the quality of the air around you.

– Poor quality air makes a difference in your hemoglobin cells, toxicity.

– Oxygen concentrator

27:20 Is it true that 90% of people on the ventilator end up dying? “It is a mixed challenge” – It doesn’t supply that much oxygen

– You can not handle it very well.

31:09 What do you start to feel and how long does it take to start to get the symptoms?

– It takes 3-5 days usually.

– Some people feel chest discomfort.

– Chest wall pain

– It starts in a mouth and in the nose.

37:17 What people can do before they go to the hospital?

– Everybody should do a gram of vitamin C each day.

– If you think that you are infected, take it every hour.

– Vitamin D and E – 30 mg of Zinc

29:41 At what point would you decide to the hospital?

– Pulse oximetry – Finger clip (Oxigen saturation)

– If Oxygen saturation drop under 90%, it is time to go to the hospital.

– The extra oxygen will help you if your oxygen saturation isn’t on the normal level

– You should go to the hospital where are you getting good responses.

– Don’t go to the poor hospitals (they are using older style methods)

44:27 Asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic. What is the difference between them?

– Asymptomatic means that you have no symptoms at all.

– Presymptomatic means that you get symptoms at some point.

46:27 What to do if you are getting different results from multiple COVID tests?

– *some test are slightly better than others

– The biggest challenge in testing is in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

48:23 How bad are novel viruses for the immune system if you are 40/50 years old?

– It is an individual thi ng.

– Most of your immune system continues to function. *diet

50:36 Are vaccines good or bad for us? Are they created for world domination?

– “That’s a big topic to cover”

– Dr. Bill is okay with vaccines if it is safe and effective.

– It is really hard to make a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine.

– If he could, Dr. Bill would avoid the COVID-19 vaccine.

53:44 How long humans could live in isolation?

– “Not very long.”

– Child abuse, wife abuse, problems with suicide…

– We are going to lose people from those problems.

55:30 Top 3 anti-aging tips for the audience?

– *Exercise

– Eat organic food.

– Avoid wheat, commercial potatoes, sweet potatoes, and sugar.

56:29 Dr. Code’s new book *Solving the brain puzzle *36 chapters

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