On this podcast, Faraz Khan and Zora Benhamou discuss how to boost energy in women over 50.

Zora Benhamou is a gerontologist, podcaster, and biohacker on a mission to challenge many health paradigms about women over 50.  She is an international speaker on aging and longevity, specializing in relieving fatigue in peri- and post-menopausal women.

Zora is 52 years old, is a digital nomad, traveled to over 50 countries, lived in 8, and speaks 6 languages. She founded the website, the Hack My Age podcast, and is the author of the Longevity Master Plan and cookbook Eating For Longevity.  

Zora received a Master of Gerontology at the prestigious University of Southern California and a BA at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is a certified sports nutrition coach, completed the Menopause for Athletes program by Dr. Stacy Sims, and is a certified Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor on breathwork.

Zora’s Background

  • Was an expat lived in Brazil and Indonesia
  • After children left the house, they started the nomad lifestyle
  • Finished the gerontology program from USC this May

What Is a Gerontologist?

  • A gerontologist studies aging from a biological, psychological and sociological perspective
  • Study older adults and the whole life course before birth to death
  • Study how that influences aging, study how we age, why we age
  • Zora wants to improve the last 30 years of lifespan
  • Zora wants to disrupt aging stereotypes

What Happens To People Mentally As They Age?

  • Zora got her wake up call when her mother died of breast cancer at age 57
  • Her dad died 10 years later of heart disease
  • AIR model created by Paul Nash: acquisition, internalization and reinforcement
  • Children as young as age 6 develop ageist stereotypes when they see their parents and grandparents
  • Reinforce it by talking about aging and joking about it

What Are Key Findings From Zora’s Travels and Learning About Gerontology?

  • 80% of people Zora interviewed believed that faith was the cause of their longevity

What Are Some Issues That We Don’t Cover In The Biohacking Community

  • People need to be more aware of good, positive relationships
  • They are very important for longevity
  • Focus on nurturing your network
  • Cut out toxic friends from your life
  • You are the average of your 5 friends

What’s Changing In A Woman’s Body After Menopause?

  • Most women have no idea about their cycle and the hormone changes during the month
  • Many women are 4 different women in one month
  • In perimenopause, women’s hormones are changing
  • Many women can experience Brain fog, mood changes, weight gain

Is Thyroid A Problem For Women?

  • Zora encourages women to look at thyroid if they have lower energy
  • Stress also causes a hit in thyroid hormones
  • Thyroid can cause weight gain, low energy and hair thinning

How To Preserve And Increase Energy For Women Over 50?

  • Make sure to test your hormones, they’re very important
  • Nutrition and exercise really helps
  • Stop being around toxic people
  • Zora helps people find the root cause of the problem

How Is Biohacking For Women Over 50 Different From Men Or Younger Women?

  • Some biohacks don’t work on older women
  • Most research was done on men before the 1970’s
  • So most studies are based on men, we need more research for women
  • We also need research on older adults
  • Zora encourages women to try biohacks, but measure the data to determine if those work for them

What Can People Do Today To Increase Chances To Live Longer?

  • If you’re white, you might live longer
  • If you’re rich, you will live a bit longer
  • If you’re a woman, you will likely live longer
  • Genetics only control your destiny by 10-20%
  • Smoking is one of the biggest risk factors, so don’t smoke
  • Obesity is a big risk factor for health
  • Exercise is fantastic for a longer life
  • Take stress really seriously and reduce it as quickly as possible

Zora’s Program To Reboot Energy For Women?

  • 4 week program for women to reboot energy 50+
  • Every week you get homework, Q&A, weekly experts to help you on your journey
  • Sign up at the waitlist on and get 10% off.

Where Else Can You Find Zora

  • @hackmyage on Facebook and instagram, her website is HackMyAge
  • Zora’s clubhouse: biohacking women 50+
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