On this episode of the Anti-Aging Hacks podcast, we discuss Mitochondria.

We talk about these topics:

1. Why Mitochondria are so important for creating energy in your body and how to keep your mitochondria in great condition

2. How BioPQQ, a mitochondrial supplement, can help improve brain function, provide energy, and prevent oxidative damage

3. How to use BioPQQ for best results and where to get it from

My guest in this episode is Shoji Matsukawa, who is the VP at Mitsubishi Gas and Electric.

Here are the show notes from this episode:

Why are Mitochondria important?

– Mitochondria are the small organelles that live in every cell and convert the food you eat into energy that the cells and body can use (ATP)

– Mitochondria get damaged by aging or Reactive Oxygen Species

– You need to replace damaged mitochondria and to keep them healthy

How to keep Mitochondria in great health?

– Exercise has shown great benefits for creating new mitochondria,

– Eating well has also shown benefits, as has Sleep 

– Finally, there are mitochondrial supplements like BioPQQ

What are the benefits of BioPQQ?

 – Multiple studies done which show benefit in stimulating nerve growth factor in the brain and improving brain function

– Studies show that it helps with mitochondrial biogenesis and keeping existing mitochondria healthy

– It can also act as an anti-oxidant and reduce the bad effects of ROS from damaging mitochondria

– Studies listed on BioPQQ website here

What are the benefits in the brain?

– BioPQQ can increase Nerve Growth Factor

– NGF improves memory, attention and recall

– BioPQQ can help with brain longevity and anti-aging

What are the antioxidant effects?

– Appears to work better than Vitamin C and E

– Reactive oxygen damages cells and DNA, damaged DNA are very bad for cells and can cause mutations and cancers

– BioPQQ works good for helping against damage to DNA by removing Reactive Oxygen Species

Are there any anti-aging benefits with PQQ?

– One of the causes of aging is loss of energy or loss of good mitochondria

– BioPQQ works in reducing bad mitochondria and improving good mitochondria is good

How long to see results on PQQ?

– 8 studies so far, usually it takes 8-12 weeks for people to feel the effects. 

– Many of these studies are double blinded, placebo controlled

Risks or Downsides of PQQ?

– There doesn’t seem to be any adverse effects, seems to be quite safe after 40 years on the market

– Mitsubishi has a NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) notification with the FDA



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