On this podcast, Tim Gray and Faraz Khan discuss the simple healthy habits you can stack to maximize return on your health. Tim refers to this as “health compounding”, similar to Warren Buffett refers to investment compounding over time.

Tim Gray, “the UK’s Leading Biohacker”, is the Founder of the Health Optimisation Summit. As a psychology specialist, serial entrepreneur and successful businessman, Tim founded and invested in multiple 7-figure businesses, including several digital marketing agencies, and London’s first private Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic.

How Did Tim Gray Start Biohacking?

  • He began 10 years ago
  • He suffered from chronic health conditions related to kidney and mercury poisoning
  • His health deteriorated and doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with him
  • He kept on researching for self-healing and started fixing things one by one
  • When he realized that he became more effective and could perform better,  he got fascinated with biohacking

What Is Health Optimisation Summit?

  • Europe’s largest health conference
  • Aims to provide people with knowledge and resources to achieve optimum health
  • The world’s first collaboration between the US-based health titans
  • Showcases the best speakers from health, biohacking, fitness, longevity, nutrition, and preventive medicine spaces

Health Differences Tim Gray encounters across the US, UK and Europe

  • Americans are extreme in many ways
  • English are more chilled
  • Most parts of America are more industrialized  while in Europe, it is more natural
  • Diabetes in UK and Europe is significantly less than in US
  • Many Americans are diabetic because of the lifestyle and the commercialized side of things

How Tim Gray Manages Stress?

  • Stress shuts down so many different system in our body
  •  It diverts  blood flow and cause our digestion to shut down
  • When our digestion shuts down, we cannot digest food properly which results in nutrient deficiency.
  • Blood sugar is higher when we are stressed
  • If stressed, we cannot sleep properly
  • Lack of sleep and interrupted sleep ages us very quickly
  • Optimizing our sleep is optimizing our longevity and performance

How People Can Figure Out What Foods Are Suitable To Them?

  • Trust your intuition
  • Blowing out a certain food indicates that it doesn’t agree with you
  • If your stools changed on a certain period, it shows that something is not quite right
  • The typical way is to avoid something that affects you
  • Figure out why certain food affects you in the first place
  • Allergy testing is great because it is super accurate but a little bit expensive

Tim’s Tips On Having More Energy

  • If you had a bad night sleep or no sleep, your energy is in worst level
  • Always optimize sleep as much as we can
  • Stop eating food after sun set and have a small dose of water with Himalayan rock salt just to support your body during the night
  • Change one thing at a time and see how you can improve your sleep
  • Hydrate properly
  • Get enough sunlight exposure
  • Do grounding
  • Grounding gives you full electrons and neutralizes free radicals which reduces inflammation in your body and helps you in energy production.
  • Grounding with morning light is incredible

Tim Gray’s Tips For Younger Looking Skin?

  • Potassium helps him retain water better
  • Having enough fluids, not too much and not too little, will make the skin become more hydrated
  • He uses a lot of collagen

How To Optimize Imbalance in Thyroid?

  • A lot of people with thyroid issues often have MTHFR genes
  • Optimize B12 in the body to help normalize your body temperature and help resolve thyroid potentially
  • Optimizing B12 will boost up your energy and helps your mood
  • Have your genes tested and checked

When is the Next Health Optimisation Summit?

  • London at the end of May next year (2022)
  • The biggest health conference in Europe
  • Will consists of workshops, talks, and healthy-no alcohol party
  • Courses include fundamental of health; Optimizing Sleep; Optimizing Your Hydration; Optimizing Your Sun and Light; Grounding; Optimizing the Breathing of Oxygen; The Mindset of Nutrition; and Optimizing Your Oral Health

Connect with Tim Gray

Follow him on IG @timbiohacker and visit Health Optimization Summit for consultations and speaking engagement.

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