Renee Belz, is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Holistic Lifestyle Coach with a Master’s degree in Nutrition.

Lauren Sambataro, a former Broadway performer,  Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, CHEK Exercise Coach, and Microdosing Prep & Integration Coach.

Both Lauren and Renee work with clients 1:1 and in groups to educate and empower clients all over the world to take agency over their health and step into full health optimization.

The co-host The Biohacker Babes Podcast which breaks down complicated topics in the health & biohacking space, into clear and actionable strategies, so you can feel your best every day.

Here are the topic discussion:

[1:40] Get to know Renee and Lauren’s biohacking journey.

  • Their father, Gene Sambataro, The Original Biohacker and pioneer of Holistic Dentistry, taught them the importance of individualization and experimentation from a very young age.
  • Biohacking piqued their interest after a friend’s medical journey.

[6:08] Learn how they became health coaches.

  • Lauren’s journey into health coaching began in 2006, she initially started as a personal trainer at NYSC and later delved into the teachings of Paul Chek.
  • Renee pursued International business but found her passion in nutrition after getting her dream job she said “I hate this”
  • Renee go back to school and get her masters in Nutrition

[11:30] Discover the top 5 mistakes they’ve encountered when the clients ask for their help

  • First mistake: “Not using data effectively.”
  • Second mistake: “Relying too much on data.”
  • Third mistake: “Skipping basic steps before advanced testing.”
  • Fourth mistake: “Ignoring personalized supplements.”
  • Fifth mistake: “Eating the same foods every day.”

[14:04] First mistake: “Not using data effectively.”

  • Recommended tools include Aura Ring and CGM for sleep optimization.
  • They emphasize the importance of understanding personal data patterns.

[19:35] Second mistake: “Relying too much on data.”

  • Avoid excessive gadgetry and focus on how data makes you feel.
  • Balance data insights with personal intuition for optimal health.

[26:08] Third mistake: “Skipping basic steps before advanced testing.”

  • Blood chemistry serves as a fundamental tool.
  • Establish behavioral patterns before exploring advanced testing.
  • Prioritize comprehensive blood chemistry panels for holistic insights.

[30:00] Fourth mistake: “Ignoring personalized supplements.”

  • Start with essential multivitamins and omega-3 supplements.
  • Tailor supplementation based on individual health needs with professional guidance.

[37:20] Fifth mistake: “Eating the same foods every day.”

  • Analogize dietary variety to diverse gym workouts.
  • Incorporate seasonal changes and explore new food options for nutritional balance.

[39:48] If you had all the money in the world, how would you make sure you live a long, healthy life?

  • Lauren will prioritize outdoor activities mostly in the park, and keeps on traveling and sunlight exposure.
  • Renee aims to foster a strong sense of community and purpose, prioritizing podcasting as a means of connection and spending quality time in nature.

[43:43] Find out their desired lifespan and why.

  • Lauren aims for a fulfilling life without suffering, emphasizing quality over quantity.
  • Renee sees 100 as a great milestone, prioritizing independence and vitality.

[46:42] Faraz Khan shares his longevity goals.

  • Faraz Khan shares a desire for happiness and purpose throughout life then he can keep on going.

[48:03] Connect with Renee and Lauren online.

  • Tune in to their podcast for education and empowerment:
  • Follow them on Instagram @biohackerbabes.

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