On this sizzling interview, Dr. Amy Killen shares how to biohack sexual health and younger skin with Faraz Khan

02:03: Dr. Amy Killen’s background

 Amy spent 10 years working in emergency departments.

When she had her two kids, life got stressful.

She started to eat poorly, avoid exercise, etc. Amy noticed that a lot of her patients were like her.

She got interested in figuring out how to get herself through that.

She got out of ER and started to learn about types of preventive medicine and anti-aging.

03:38: What does her medical practice look like?

 Amy is the owner of a medical practice in Salt Lake City. They do a lot of integrative medicine and bioidentical hormones. 

 Besides Salt Lake City, she also works in Park City where does stem cell procedures with Dr. Adelson.

04:31:  What are some of the sex issues that you come across frequently with your patients?

As we get older, changes happen in our bodies. We can see changes in blood flow in the genitalia and changes in interest and having sex.

Amy sees a lot of people who have erectile dysfunction. It can be mild, moderate, severe… She also sees a lot of people who don’t have dysfunction and want to prevent it.

With women, there are different challenges such as lack of arousal, libido, orgasm…

06:00 Is there an overarching strategy for biohacking sexual health?

Sometimes it is a problem with actual genitalia, but a lot of times it is sometimes else bigger going on.

For an approach to boost your love hormone and improve your connection with your partner, check out this awesome interview with an oxytocin expert.

For the men, we know that ED is an early sign of cardiovascular disease in general.

When Amy approaches someone with ED, it is important to make sure that patient is working with someone else on other risk factors like blood sugar, diet, and lifestyle.

Amy makes sure to check hormones because they are huge players in this problem.

Women do get much more problems with hormones due to menopause. There is a lot of variability with women. For many women after menopause, hormones start to decrease.

09:57: What are some of the basic techniques for helping men biohack sexual health?

The most important thing is sleep. If we don’t sleep well, we can not make enough testosterone.

If we are stressed out, our body will produce more cortisol. high cortisol levels are a huge enemy to men’s sex life.

Also, the diet should be in focus too. Low protein intake is not a great idea.

Having enough vitamin D, zinc and selenium will also help. It is well known that exercise increases testosterone levels.

Nitric oxide is great because it opens blood vessels and allows blood flow through the entire body. As we get older, the body starts to decrease the production of nitric oxide.

A penis pump is also a great solution because it keeps healthy cells in the penis. Interestingly, when you don’t get a full erection, inactive cells start to die.

The more advanced and expensive procedures are shockwave therapy, stem cells, exosomes, etc.

13:21: How do women biohack sexual health?

Women do have vaginal lasers, they can use shock wave therapy for women and injections. It is pretty much the same pyramid – There are only a few different tools.

14:13: What does mean shock wave therapy? How does it work?

Besides usage for ED, it’s also useful for many other conditions. That is musculoskeletal pain, improving heart muscle after a heart attack, etc.

How it works: The machine sends high-intensity sound waves into the tissue. Your body marks that event as a trauma.

Because of that, an increase in blood vessel formation, flow, nitric oxide, and stem cell recruitment starts to happen.

After the therapy, a repair of injuries, improvement in blood flow, and many other positive effects take place.

It is safe, and treatment only takes 20-30 minutes.

16:41: How would someone actually get this done? What does the actual procedure look like?

Before the Phoneix device, you had to go to the clinic to do the treatment. Amy always recommends someone who has an ED to go to the doctor first.

Home devices are different than the devices in the clinic. At home, devices cannot get the same amount of energy as in the clinic.

The benefits of home devices are they are less expensive and you can do the treatment whenever you want

20:44: Are there similar devices of treatment for women? 

There is not a home device at least, but there are a lot of doctors who are using shockwave therapy for women in their clinics. Amy hasn’t sees any research related to women and shockwave therapy.

It makes sense it does work for women – It literally works for every part of the human’s body.

Some of the home devices for women are Wii Fit Plus for red light therapy. Also, the Apex device is also great for home use.

23:14: In your opinion, does shockwave therapy and penis vacuum pumps work in synergy?

They work in a little bit different way, but anytime that you are encouraging blood flow, you will create blood vessels.

Amy did not see any studies where patients used shock wave therapy and the penis pump at the same time, but she thinks that this synergy is definitely beneficial.

24:31: Which therapy would you single out as the best to biohack sexual health?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the clinical data to see which therapy is doing better than other. It mostly depends on the patient’s comfort level. PRP is not as much expensive, and it is easy to do.

27:06: Some practitioners like to mix placental extracts with PRP to make them even more efficacious. Is that something you have come across?

Amy used amniotic placental fluids and products. She thinks that growth factors that are inside of it can be beneficial, but we still don’t really know.

There are a lot of fake brands, and because of that, Amy likes to stick to only a few ones.

29:05: Would you explain the difference between exosomes and stem cells?

Stem cells are cells that are responsible to keep your organs and body up to date for repairing injures. They can replicate and differentiate, which means that they can turn into other types of cells.

33:22: In terms of price – What is the best bang for the buck?

Right now Amy prefers exosomes to biohack sexual health. They are so easy, and there is a lot of evidence – but there is not enough data.In terms of low cost, she chooses PRP.

35:13: What are some techniques for people to have beautiful skin not only now, but also in their 70s and 80s?

Every year after 25 you start to produce less and less collagen. After the stop of collagen production, UV light from the sun, pollution, and toxin start to break down the remaining collagen in our bodies.

The first thing is to protect from all of these things. The sun is causing skin aging.

38:51: Is it safe to do micro-needling from a home?

All of the dermatologists will say that you shouldn’t do it at home. As long as you are smart about it and don’t go too deep, it is safe. For most people, less than one millimeter is great for home use. It does matter to clean well your device. Make sure to also clean your face really well before you start this treatment.

41:43: Should people consider laser therapy for younger skin?

There are so many lasers out there, but it’s most important to find a good doctor that you can trust.

Non-ablative fractional lasers are great for beginners. Ablative laser means that it is taking off a layer of your skin.

Between non-ablative and ablative lasers are a lot more alternatives. For example micro-needling with radiofrequency.

48:41: Do you have a perspective on injecting exosomes and stem cells after micro-needling?

Amy thinks that is best to do both. With micro-needling, you can not go as deep as injecting stem cells. If you can do both, it is great.

51:00: When you inject regenerative medicine in different areas of your face, will it help in all areas of your face?

They can help in all of the areas, but they are not going to create a lot of volume.

As you get older, you will need more volume. In that case, fillers will definitely help.

52:22: There are a lot of filers on the market. Which one would you recommend?

There are some natural fillers that will trigger the production of collagen over time. Amy recommends Juviderm. 

Fillers are used every day and sometimes happens that someone has a different reaction to them. It really depends on how serious you are about it.

It really does matter to chose a well-known doctor. Fillers can mess up a lot of things.

56:45: What is the full body stem cell makeover?

That is the procedure that Amy and Dr. Adelson put together. They basically inject stem cells, exosomes into all the major joints in the body.

Besides that, everything discussed here is implemented in this treatment. It takes approximately 3 hours.

58:20: Where can people find you online?
Instagram: @dramybkillen
Website: dramykillen.comYouTube: Amy Killen MD

There you have it. Hope you are intruigued by how regenerative medicine is being used to biohack sexual health and younger skin.

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