In this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, I discuss some interesting sleep tips from Dr. Peter Martone.

We talk about:

1. What is the best sleeping position for anti-aging and health?

2. How can you train yourself to start sleeping on your back?

3. How a special pillow called the Neck Nest helps you sleep on your back?

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Dr. Peter Martone is the owner of Atlantis Chiropractic Wellness Centers and the inventor of the Neck Nest, a revolutionary new pillow that is designed to improve your posture while you sleep.

Dr. Martone’s techniques have been featured nationally on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX news stations and currently travels the country teaching people regain their health by mastering the art of living a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the show notes:

01:18: Dr. Martone, tell us about your background?

– “It is actually very interesting because I zig-zagged my way into sleep.”

– He is a nutritionist and chiropractor for 20 years.

– Sleep actually healed his strep throat, and that is the moment when he realized how matter is sleeping.

– He always had back pain. Dr. Martone thought his back pain was caused by much physical activity.

– His back pain is caused by neck issues, which are related to a bad sleeping position.

05:14: One movie also inspired you to start this journey?

– “That was another bread crumb.”

– When he was watching the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, he saw that people used a block of wood for their neck. That didn’t make any sense to him.

06:55: Why aren’t some sleeping positions good?

– “Let’s start thinking together! “

– Modern lifestyle really affects our spine and nervous system. The only way to fix this bad thing is to sleep on our back with support under our neck.

– Dr. Martone showed us a natural sleeping position.

– Most people say that they can’t sleep on their back. Dr. Martone showed us a great position to start sleeping on our back.

– *The pillow must be soft

– *Key is to keep your core warm

– *In summer we use legs and arms as radiators to cool down ourselves.

14:53 How to mitigate sleep apnea while sleeping on our back?

– Dr. Martone shows how to open our airways.

– *chin needs to be up

– *You need to look straight up with your eyes.

– *Practice keeping your tongue stuck to the top of your mouth

17:39: Your perspective on the side sleeping position?

– It is worse when you lose curves of your spine.

– There is so much more damage done to your spine if you sleep in a side position.

– Dr. Martone sees everyday children whose posture is like 70 years old people.

20:40: Why are we all trained to sleep in a bad position?

– You feel more protected when you sleep on our side (when you feel pressure).

– *Pressure is protection

25:03: What are the benefits of sleeping on the back?

– There are two really big benefits:

– First, side-benefit is that you are never going to wake up with pillow lines on your face.

– Your spine is like clay. When you start to sleep with a pillow under your neck, you will start to improve the health of your spine.

29:03: Tips for side/belly sleepers to switch into a back sleeping position?

– “Don’t get frustrated, you can do it. It takes time.”

– Start falling asleep on your side. When you are close to falling asleep, turn on your back, and put a pillow under your neck. Then don’t worry about what happens in the middle of the night.

– Nothing is more important than getting a good night of sleep. – *Water, air, and sleep*

35:06: What about when sleeping wedge/ memory foam gets hot in the middle of the night?

– Some are. The game-changer is an adjustable base.

– Memory foam absorbs your heat, but Dr. Martone never had problems with it. The key is to cool down your room and to expose your skin more if you have any issues with heat.

– You can only expose your wrists and hands to cool down yourself.

39:08: Unusual sleep tips for the audience?

– *Sleep memory

– You need to think about a memory that happened yesterday or the day before.

– *Don’t think about too bad/positive memories. That will excite you.

42:25: What position do you use for a meditation Peter?

– Before meditation, Peter puts Lavendar oil under his nose and meditates. It connects his body with relaxation.

Note: Your body releases growth hormone during deep sleep. Check out 5 ways to naturally boost your own HGH.

44:45: Sleeping with a neck nest? Where can people get one? *You have angle it correctly to have the best benefits.

– You can get neck nest on this link: use discount code: ANTIAGE to get 15% off when you purchase a neck nest and the pillowcase together

47:44: Peter, where people can find you online? – You can find Peter on Facebook, Instagram, or Atlantis Wellness

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