On this podcast, Faraz Khan and Dani Hamilton discuss how you can get out of the high carb/high sugar cycle and lose weight and balance hormones in the process.

Danielle Hamilton is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Restorative Wellness Practitioner who specializes in blood sugar regulation & digestion. 

She was able to reverse her PCOS, cystic acne, PMS & weight loss resistance by reversing Insulin Resistance. 

Her mission is to help others uncover their blood sugar & insulin issues, as well as help them optimize digestion for low-carb diets.  She is the host of the Unlock the Sugar Shackles Podcast and the creator of the Blood Sugar Mastery Program.

02:30 How Dani Got Into Health & Wellness

  • Was unwell quite often as a kid and also in high school
  • Developed seasonal allergies, but couldn’t figure out why
  • Had multiple conditions in her 20’s too
  • Started the paleo diet and had big improvements in health
  • Then got PCOS
  • Dani learned the hard way how to balance her blood sugar, reversed her PCOS and lost weight in the process

What Is Blood Sugar And Why Does It Matter?

  • Over 93% of US adults have metabolic issues
  • Eating processed carbs releases a lot of sugar/glucose in the blood
  • Your pancreas release insulin, which moves the glucose into your cells
  • Healthy metabolism should burn sugar and fat easily
  • Eating processed carbs, too many carbs and eating too often releases lot of insulin
  • Insulin blocks your body from using stored fat, so you need more energy from fast carbohydrates

27:15 What’s The Difference Between Burning Sugar And Burning Fat?

  • Your body burns sugar first if its available
  • Then when the sugar runs out, you should be able to switch to burning your own fat
  • But when there is too much insulin in the blood because of high blood sugar, your cells start to become resistant to insulin
  • That prevents your metabolism from being flexible

33:10 What’s The Progression Of Insulin Resistance?

  • Due to persistent high blood sugar, insulin stays high and your cells become resistant to insulin
  • Insulin resistance can also be caused by lack of sleep and stress
  • Healthy glucose levels when you wake up (fasting glucose): 70-85 or 3.9-4.8 mmol
  • Early problems happen when blood sugar goes to 86-99, you might be gaining weight, be irritable, hangry, energy swings, headaches, needing to start grazing
  • Now insulin resistance builds, and fasting blood sugar goes over 100. This is when you’re pre-diabetic.
  • Fasting insulin is also important: try to keep it under 5

45:15 Best Ways To Track Blood Sugar

  • Continuous glucose monitor is the best
  • You can also see the spikes in blood sugar due to food, exercise, stress and sleep
  • This will help you understand your body really well
  • Paying attention to symptoms is important as well

52:02 How To Reverse Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes

  • First tip is to switch to real foods as they are found in nature
  • Tip 2: have carbs at the end of your meal
  • Tip 3: move after meals, 10-15 minute walks
  • Tip 4: avoid vegetable oils and seed oils

01:01:01 How Dani Can Help You Lower Your Sugar

  • Dani has a course to help you lower blood sugar levels
  • She shares information on nutritional basics, how to eat more fat, digestion and gut health, support gentle detoxification, how to read glucose data and how to eat carbs.
  • Also includes coaching calls and accountability
  • Dani’s program is called Blood Sugar Mastery

1:05:45 Where You Can Find Dani

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