On this episode, Faraz Khan interviews Freddie Kimmel: a personal friend, a biohacker, a cancer, lyme and mold survivor.

Freddie’s Background With Health Conditions

  • Freddie moved to NYC and got into Broadway right away.
  • Shortly after moving to NYC, Freddie woke with a rheumatoid arthritis syndrome.
  • Took painkillers and lived with extreme chronic pain.
  • In 2006, got diagnosed with testicular cancer. This turned to metastatic cancer because the cancer had spread.
  • After one year of treatment, he was declared cancer free.
  • But started having intense pains from bowel obstruction.
  • This led to many more surgeries to remove scar tissue.
  • This went on from 2001 to 2015.
  • He also found lyme disease and mold toxicity.
  • At one point, western medicine stopped working for him.
  • He started a paleo diet, found PEMF, hyperbarics, stem cells, Egoscue method and other biohacks.
  • Freddie keeps getting better.

Freddie’s Top Biohacking Technology


  • Turns sound, gives it power through an amplifier, then moves it through a transducer coil to turn it into rolling electromagnetic spectrum
  • Gives the wellness does of therapeutic sound into the body
  • The body is challenged with a beneficial frequency and the body picks up the lesson plan
  • The body creates a robust magnetic field – surplus energy allows the body to heal.
  • Freddie could feel energy moving through his body
  • Started feeling better in 3-4 months
  • Now he uses it to detox, for boosting energy
  • PEMF – Increases trans-membrane potential in a cell

Red Light Therapy

  • Freddie had a great response to red light therapy
  • Helped him with reducing scar tissue
  • Started to improve his joint health


  • Sweating helped Freddie – felt drops in body pain, mental therapy

Check out the full podcast for all the details.

Freddie’s Top Tips For Everyday Health

  • Bring joy into everything you do
  • Have energy behind the action of everything you do
  • Use AmpCoil everyday
  • Pulsed Red Light
  • Cold Exposure

Where Can You Find Freddie

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