Mario Brainovich is an entrepreneur, researcher, and CEO of Analemma, a company that enhances the properties and quality of drinking water by transforming it into a coherent liquid crystalline state. In this conversation, we are going to do deep into details of structured water, the research behind it, and its impact on our health and how to use it.

2:30 Mario Brainovic’s background

  • Sold his company to Walgreens previously
  • Joined Analemma because he was really excited about the science

07:50 What is the difference between purity and structure of water?

  • Just like laser is a coherent form of light, coherent water is a powerful form of water
  • Water is a broadband absorber, receiver and transmitter of the most dominant frequency around it
  • They tried to create a great frequency of water

14:35 What’s the difference between EZ water and structured/coherent water?

  • They are different
  • The Analemma team came to water in a different way
  • They did research to understand the benefits of coherent water

19:30 What is mother water and how does it help transmit frequency to other water?

  • Analemma water starts to create coherent structure in any water it comes into contact with
  • Crystals are used to transform the frequency from mother water into the water people drink

21:30 How does Analemma work and what are its benefits?

  • In one study, people who drank Analemma water had calmer brain waves than others
  • In one study, people who drank 1.5 liters of water daily had a 20% rise in mitochondrial energy compared to placebo
  • In another study with GlycanAge, everyone who drank Analemma water experienced between 1-12 years of age reversal
  • In one study, microbiome improved after drinking Analemma water

30:33 After water is made coherent with Analemma, can water lose its coherence again

  • Not according to their research
  • The coherence seems to be permanent

31:45 Can you install Analemma in the whole house?

  • Analemma partnered with a company to start a 100 people study (ongoing)
  • Folks experienced an increase in cardiac output, stroke volume and blood viscosity
  • Also want to do a study with athletes

34:15 What do people notice after using the Analemma?

  • People immediately notice a change in the taste of water
  • The majority of the health benefits take a little time to show up

39:50 How does sunlight affect water?

  • Mario recommends placing the device in direct sunlight for 5-6 minutes every week
  • Water responds positively to sunlight

42:30 Where to get your Analemma and how to use it?

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