On this podcast, Faraz Khan interviews stem cell expert Christian Drapeau on the power of stem cells, and how to activate your own stem cells for faster healing, regeneration and anti-aging.

Christian holds a Master’s degree from McGill University in Neurophysiology, he is the author of several articles in the field of epileptogenesis and then later in the field of stem cell research, specifically on a new therapeutic approach called “Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization”, as well as the best-seller “Cracking the Stem Cell Code”.

He created and developed the concept of “stem cell enhancer” as well as the first natural product supporting the natural role of stem cells in the body. He has been director of Research and Development for many companies, he is now the founder and CEO for Kalyagen, where he developed the product Stemregen.

How Christian Drapeau Got Into Stem Cell Research

  • Started in 1994, worked on blue green algae
  • Wanted to discover benefits in the body from algae
  • The plant was improving heart conditions, brain conditions and more
  • Found that the stem cells were responsible for a broad set of benefits
  • This algae helps release stem cells from the bone marrow into the blood

What Do Stem Cells Do In The Body?

  • Christian believes stem cells are the cornerstone of health
  • Stem cells function as a repair system
  • When there is an injury, then stem cells are released from bone marrow into affected tissue
  • Stem cells convert to cells in the injured tissue and replace those cells to heal the body
  • Stem cells also migrate to every organ in your body to enable tissue renewal
  • Red marrow transforms into yellow marrow and conversion happens quickly in early life
  • There are ways to mobilize and activate your stem cells to heal your body and stay younger

What Are The Different Types Of Stem Cells?

  • Embryonic stem cells are present in the early embryo…8-10 days old.
  • They’re called totipotent – which can be anything in the body
  • Placental stem cells are adult stem cells
  • Hematopeotic stem cells make all the blood cells
  • Mesenchymal stem cells can become any tissue in the body
  • vCells – are more potent and can become anything in the body.
  • vCells can come from muscle or bone marrow

Difference Between Tissue Specific Stem Cells vs. Stem Cells In Blood

  • There are resident stem cells in every tissue
  • But there are not enough stem cells in that niche to fully repair after a heart attack or a skin cut
  • But when there are additional stem cells in circulation, these circulating stem cells can replenish tissues that have been overused
  • This is why it’s important to activate your stem cells for good results

Are There Enough Stem Cells In Bone Marrow Or Can We Run Out Of Those Too?

  • Over years, red marrow shrinks and can turn into yellow marrow
  • This is called conversion
  • The number of stem cells that can release bone marrow can vary significantly
  • If you get your bone marrow to release more stem cells, you are not in danger of running out of stem cells

Can Stem Cells Treat Chronic Long Term Injuries?

  • Sometimes you have long term injuries, the muscle or tissue can partially heal but does not heal fully
  • If you can reactivate the injury and also release stem cells at the same time, the chronic injury can heal significantly

How Do People Mobilize & Activate Stem Cells Differently?

  • As you age, your stem cells are not as effective
  • However, people get good benefits even at 80
  • If you can get umbilical cord stem cells, then that is great for you
  • Stress reduces ability to mobilize and repair
  • Good and deep sleep is very important
  • Smoking reduces stem cells, so does alcohol
  • Systemic inflammation also reduces ability of stem cells to mobilize – add pigments to your diet

How Did Christian Find Ingredients For His Supplement?

  • Investigated literature to find plants that support release of bone marrow
  • 35-60% increase in stem cells from these products that Christian developed
  • Christian believes that putting more stem cells in circulation is great for you

Where Can People Find Supplement?

  • Get the stemregen supplement on Kalyagen
  • Use code antiaginghacks to get a discount
  • You can also get Christian’s book on amazon here

If you want to learn more about eating natural foods to heal your body and activate your stem cells, check out this interview with Dr. William Li here.

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