On this week’s podcast, I interview a science author who has written a NY Times bestselling book on Longevity called Spring Chicken – Stay Young Forever or Die Trying.

We discuss the following items:

1. Experiences and lessons writing Spring Chicken, including meeting the foremost scientists working on Aging

2. The new book which he is collaborating with Dr. Peter Attia, who is a famous Longevity doctor.

3. The interesting tests from the Baltimore Study on Aging, which we both participated in as lab rats.

Bill Gifford is a science journalist and the author of the New York Times bestseller Spring Chicken: Stay Young Forever (or die trying). His work has appeared in magazines such as Wired, Scientific American, and Outside, covering topics ranging from male contraception to big-wave surfing. An avid skier, cyclist, and athlete, he makes his home in Park City Utah, where he is at work on a second book about longevity, in collaboration with Dr. Peter Attia.

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