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The last time I went home visit my parents – it suddenly dawned on me that my parents were getting old. I noticed their energy levels were lower and they got tired more quickly. Their skin looked more wrinkled and they often complained of aches and pains.

I realized that, while my parents loved nothing better than spending time with me, I had spent all this time away from them, living my life, hanging out with my friends, being busy, busy, busy and gallivanting around the world. 

I had feelings of regret and shame that up until that moment, I had been thinking only of myself I started to wonder, how could I help them be healthier and more active so that we could enjoy fun experiences together, and fulfill some of my mom’s dreams of traveling the world?

Immediately I started researching ways to slow down the aging process. I started attending conferences on health and aging; listening to podcasts and reading published scientific studies and a plethora of books.

What I learned amazed me.

What I discovered is that over the past 15 years, all the scientific advancements, studies of older populations and a vastly improved understanding of the human body and it’s biology, have resulted in exciting and readily available information on how to slow down the aging process today – and turn back our biological clock by many years, and get back the energy, skin, hormones we had many years ago

Furthermore, there are very promising developments unfolding over the next 5-10 years that may make diseases like heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes a thing of the past. People will be living more vibrant and radiantly healthful lives and, here’s the real mind blowing idea: through biotechnology, we will be able to not only slow down the aging process, but reverse it!

Many experts such as Ray Kurzweil are calling for an age reversal escape velocity – where for every year that we age we can turn back our biological clock by more than a year. Who wouldn’t like to feel and look 20-30 years younger?

I started this deep dive into the medical world for my parents over two years ago. Wading through the vast amount of available information both frustrated and inspired me. Yes, I could offer a mountain of carefully curated information to my parents and apply my learnings to slow down and reverse my own aging, but i asked myself, why stop there? 

Look, I am just a regular guy from Los Angeles – I do not have a MD PHD behind my name. But I do now have a tremendous amount of information and a burning desire to learn more. 

I believe that we ALL want to live longer, healthier lives and turn our biological clocks back 20-30 years. Sharing what I’ve learned, in an easily digested and actionable format with you is my new passion.

Every week, I will be interviewing a renowned and published expert on a certain topic. For example, one episode will cover hormones, how they drop, what to do when they drop, how to reverse the drop using natural or medicine-based ways. Another week will be devoted to discussing the best diets for turning back time – from Keto, to Paleo to Mediterranean to vegan. Another week we will discuss the best cosmetic procedures for your face or body. Another week we will discuss ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic treatments for aging; Stem Cells, PRP; big pharma drugs like metformin and rapamycin, and plenty more in the pipeline.

My intention is to educate you about the best natural and medicine-based solutions for healthier living. Eastern and western methodologies, cutting edge technologies and promising, new studies. Most importantly, there will be honest discussion about typical costs for a given subject and it’s treatment, which will allow you to make informed decisions around health benefit versus health expense.

Imagine getting the best and most current, expert advice in the world for free and in a way that supports you in choosing the right tactics that affect your skin, health, hormones, energy, body fat, muscles, diet, nutrition, and sleep, amongst other things!  I hope you will join me in understanding that making 60 the new 30 may no longer have to be just a silly catchphrase.

Live Long and Prosper.

P.s. Check out the Podcasts, they are full of good information from the experts.



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