Sleep Basics, How to Sleep Cool at Night and Never Wake up Hot Again

 On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, I interview a Sleep expert and a Chief Science officer of Chili Technologies.Tara Youngblood Chilipad Ooler Anti Aging Hacks



 We discuss the following:

1. Why is Sleep so Important for Health and Recovery

2. Different Sleep Phases such as Light Sleep, REM and Deep Sleep

3. Why Sleeping Cool could allow you to get more Deep Sleep every night

and a whole lot more. 

Tara Youngblood is the founder and chief science officer of Kryo Inc, which is a sleep science company focused on the future of sleep-driven health. The team at Kryo has designed a full body temperature regulation sleep system, which allows you to sleep cool through the night and never wake up because you are hot.

Here are some of the notes from our conversation:

Circadian Rhythms 3:15

Circadian Rhythm Anti Aging Hacks

Stages or Buckets of Sleep 4:40

Rem sleep
  • Dreaming stage
  • Relive emotional parts of day
  • Go back two weeks where we relive those thoughts and emotions
  • Allows us to file into long term memory
Deep Sleep
  • Thoughts gather in hypothalamus
  • Need time for brain to do filing
  • Recovery part of deep sleep
  • Feeling refreshed
  • Good predictor whether you should work out
  • Lack of deep sleep causes memory recall and cognition issues 
  • Deep sleep diminishes as we age
  • Alzheimer's attributed to deep sleep deprivation

Sleep Cycles Anti-Aging Hacks

How much Deep Sleep and REM Sleep 7:45
  • Our bodies want 2 hours of REM and Deep Sleep each night
  • It is possible to sleep less and still have 2 hours
  • Chilipad can entice us to have more deep sleep because it lowers our temperature
  • Army folks can still get 2 hours of deep sleep with cooling in a 6 hour span
  • When our body temperature drops - neurons in hypothalamus get activated and release melatonin - called the Sleep Switch 


Sleep Frequencies 10:50

  • REM Sleep frequencies are similar to being awake
  • Very easy to be woken up from REM sleep
  • REM sleep is closer to morning
  • Deep sleep is Slow Wave sleep (4 Hz or less)
  • Activity slows down a lot during deep sleep
  • Deep sleep is very good for anti-aging and rejuvenation


Sleep Cycle 12:00

  • People talk about 90 minute cycles, but 90 minute cycles are not common for everyone
  • Temperature skews the cycles, may be 45-60 mins for initial deep sleep cycles
  • REM Sleep cycles may be closer to 90 minutes
Supplements to get good sleep - a good thing? 14:15
  • We are getting worse sleep as a society
  • Lots of stressors
  • Lots of folks talking melatonin, CBD oil, 5HTP, Tryptophan etc.
  • Tara believes in not affecting chemistry in our bodies
  • Melatonin is hard to replace as we grow older, but shouldn't do it exogenously
  • Best to use short term to reset jetlag
  • Need to be conscious long term why you are taking sleep supplements
  • People not journaling and tracking
Kryo Inc Sleep Devices 15:40
  • Chilipad or Ooler device, similar to a thermostat
  • Goes under the body on top of your mattress
  • Manages temperature throughout the night
  • Ooler is the next evolution of the Chilipad
  • Can reprogram different temperatures, one for going to sleep, another for middle of the night and a wake up temperature
Personal Settings are Different for Everyone 17:15
  • Some people sleep hot, some sleep cold
  • Best to start on the warmer side first, then go down in coolness
Is there an Ideal Sleep Temperature and Mattress 19:20
  • We set thermostats for the house that stay constant
  • We are in mattresses that absorb heat and then throw back heat at us
  • Comforters also heat your body as you sleep
  • Inside the sleep cocoon, you should be around 86 degrees
  • Weighted blankets can provide a gentle weighted feeling, so you don’t need a lot of blankets to mimic the feeling of the hug
  • Memory foam mattresses get a little lot and radiate some of this heat
  • Natural materials are better for mattresses
  • If you sleep hot, it might be better to use an alternative to a memory foam mattress

Chili Devices Details 23:10
  • Runs on 140 W of power, little more than a light bulb
  • Can be significant savings in some states without spending money on cooling the whole house
  • 1 Device is geared towards one person
  • Looking to integrate with 3rd party sleep API's and sleep devices
  • Using Oura rings as a partnership
  • Ooler has a companion app on the phone


Again, sleep is a core anti-aging and longevity strategy, and you should look into sleep first before spending big bucks on other biohacks.

Go to to get your very own Chilipad or the newer Ooler device.

Any other questions? Drop us a comment below!

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