Are your Cell Phone and other Devices Killing You with EMF Radiation?

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In this podcast of Anti-Aging Hacks, we discuss:

  1. The different types of radiation present in our modern world
  2. The damage that radiation from our mobile devices such as cell phones, Tablets, Laptops is causing to our bodies
  3. How to minimize the damage from these devices

Radiation from our devices consists of two different types: ELF and RF radiation.

- ELF stands for Extremely Low Frequency and it is emitted from the circuits in the devices and in the wires connecting into the wall.

- RF stands for Radio Frequency and is emitted from your cell phone as it connects to the cell towers, from the Bluetooth antenna inside your phone, and from the wifi antenna. There are three different types of power emitted from these radiations.

Today my guest in Daniel DeBaun, who is an internationally recognized and influential expert in electronic emissions and EMF protection. Daniel has a particular focus on the effect of exposure of mobile devices such as laptops, ipads and cell phones. He is the author of the popular book Radiation Nation. He is also the inventor of Defender Shield, an effective radiation technology to prevent damage from these devices.

His contact info: (use code antiaging20 to receive 20% off on your order)

His book is called Radiation Nation.


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1 Response

Jon Lyons
Jon Lyons

August 18, 2020

In the first few minutes, the speaker infers that laptops lowering sperm counts is from RF rather than heat. The heat is what has been shown in multiple studies to lower sperm counts.

The speaker confuses EMF from the 60Hz oscillations of electrical alternating current with GHz frequency wavelength photons from WiFi.

When the speaker failed to separate ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, I stopped listening.

When people focus too narrowly on a specific topic without understanding the science behind what they’re talking about, we get people who can’t tell the difference between correlation and causation.

For reference: A simple guide to the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, and cell phone safety.

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